The Breakdown of a Successful Transformation

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When you Decide Commit and Succeed amazing things happen but often not all at once.  It takes time and dedication because there are many steps that go into experienceing a massive life transformation.  Joshua B. learned this first hand when he lost a total of 80 lbs with P90X, Insanity & Shakeology.  Check out his breakdown of each and every step along the way that helped him achieve his staggering results!

Joshua B

Making the Change:

By 27 I had hit my all time low and weighed over 260lbs.  I never paid any attention to my health but inside I hated the person I saw in the mirror. I hated it, I hated knowing that my family was suffering because of the hate I had for myself and depression I had inside of me. I would work, come home and sit on the couch, rinse and repeat day in and day out. It was miserable and they were miserable and I knew I was making it harder daily. I was tired all the time, unfocused at work and at home.  My family was my inspiration to start making a change.

The Biggest Challenge:

The biggest challenge for me was changing my diet. I have a very busy job and it makes it hard to take the time to eat healthy because I am always in a hurry. So we would always just run over to McDonalds or over to Taco Bell spending a fortune on junk food daily. I would keep bags of junk in my desk just because it was quick and easy. Shakeology was a life changer for me! It made eating healthy easy because it took me 5 minutes max to make my lunch and I was saving money because I wasn't eating out and stocking my drawer with junk food everyday. It was a win/win for me anyway you looked at it. I was eating healthy and saving money and loving the taste!

Choosing the Program:

I picked P90X for my first round and did a P90X Insanity Hybrid the second round because it seemed to fit exactly what I wanted. Doing both as a hybrid seemed to have a great balance of resistance training, cardio and recovery.  My wife is now doing this with me. My father and I have already got a start date for our next round. These Beachbody programs have changed my life and so many people around me that it is now a part of our lifestyle!

The Results:

In a little more then 7 months I have dropped almost 80lbs! I mean come on, what other program out there can you honestly say will drop that kind of weight in a healthy way!?! I love that I can get up in the morning and not ache and groan and just feel great about myself!  After getting through about 50 days of the program I was starting to see results in the mirror, I was getting happier with the person that was there. My attitude in general started changing, I had the energy to come home and play with my kids, and talk to my wife without being irritable. I was more focused and energized at work throughout the day. IT WAS AWESOME now that my motivation was coming from within and I wasn't dreading my workouts anymore. By the time I got to my last 30 days in the program my wife had really noticed how much this was changing me, not only physically but as a person. She started joining me in the evenings and let me tell you that it was and even bigger motivator to see her make the commitment. She and I have worked out almost every evening after we put the kids to sleep and after the workout we will go sit outside by the pool and cool down and just hang out. It is now a permanent part of our lives and will continue to be!

The Challenge Group:

WOW talk about motivation and accountability, the Challenge Group idea was awesome. Having my father to work out with when he wasn't traveling was great but this group gave me everything I needed to make this round different then the other attempt. On days when I didn't want to get out of bed I would think to myself "If I don't get up and do this workout these guys/girls are never going to let me live this down."  Then I would get up and push through the workout and NEVER once after I was done did I wish I had stayed in bed.  Other members would post their progress pictures and it would give you that hope that if you pushed you would get there too! It was awesome being able to log in every day and talk with people going through the same thing you were and it seriously made it so much easier then attempting it on your own. If it wasn't for me being in that group I am not sure I would have been able to push myself the way I did through the first half of this program.

How important is Shakeology REALLY?

Shakeology was a HUGE step for me in changing my diet. Not only did my body finally start getting the nutrients it needed (and I can promise it wasn't before), but it helped me take more control over what I was eating. I started bringing small healthy "between meal" snacks to work, an apple or maybe a pouch or whole grain oatmeal with fresh fruit. After just a short time using it as my lunch I could tell that my energy level was going up, my body was thanking me for feeding it what it needed, and what it wanted. You know you see it posted all over the place you are what you eat and I now fully understand it. My skin is healthier, I feel better through out the day. I know it has helped and It will continue to be a part of my everyday diet.

Congratulations Josh!  Thanks for sharing your pathway to success with us.  Be sure to enter your results to The Beachbody Challenge for your chance to win.

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    • Jimmie

      I’m glad to see someone is having success with the P90/Insanity hybrid idea. I’ve been working on creating my own similar hybrid plan. Congrats on you great results Joshua

    • Carrie

      Those pics are not real…a tattoo doesn’t move from the right side of your chest to the left. Someone did a little photoshop…

      • Paul

        naw the first pic was taken in the mirror, so it’s reversed. the pic on the right was taken by someone else.

        Great story man! You are an inspiration!

      • forreal?

        that’s cause one is taken with a phone in a mirror and the other is a forward shot, not into a mirror. c’mon man!!

        to Josh B. way to go. congrats. I try to preach these systems to those that have hit those walls too.

      • Jim

        Are people really this dumb ??? I hope you don’t vote !

    • Erin

      Great job! Awesome transformation and story! Congratulations!! To whoever commented about the tattoo and photo shop, you may notice that the first picture is a self portrait in the mirror, the second is taken by someone else. Naturally it would be on the other side. :)

    • Lissett

      I don’t think it’s photoshopped. The first picture he took it himself in a MIRROR and the after picture someone else took it. Good job Josh keep it up!

    • Brittany

      Obviously the person who claims the pictures are doctored doesn’t know how mirrors work. Awesome results!

    • Richard

      Oh Carrie, are you for real? You need an insanity workout for the mind

    • Caesar

      Hi, I was wondering what the hybrid p90x/ insanity regime looks like. Are you guys substituting the Kenpo X for a run on insanity? What is being replaced. I would like to incorporate insanity into the plan.

    • Jbrown6583

      Hey everyone! Thanks a bunch! It has been an amazing journey For sure. I have gotten the tattoo argument since i turned in this first picture :( lol but If anyone needs they can visit my website and watch the video from fat to.. no so fat :) Caesar, yes, i subbed in Insanity on Plyo, Yoga, and Kenpo days. I did X stretch or sometimes the actual yoga on Sunday to so i didn’t miss any of the stretching. If you are working on your transformation, don’t quit, don’t let the negative bother you and just keep pushing forward!

    • Jack

      Mirror or not, Carrie is right. The tattoo shouldn’t move. The tattoo on the original pic is on his right chest, after mirroring it should appear on his right chest again, but in stead it appeared on his left chest ….magic? :p

    • Art

      Before anyone else posts about this tattoo moving… go mark an X on one side of your chest with a Sharpie. Take a pic in a mirror and then have someone take one of you straight on.

    • David

      Art, perfect way to settle this. You are correct. I have a tattoo on the same spot and all of my progress shots from the mirror are reversed. I can see why it would confuse some but it’s not magic or photoshop.

    • jericaya planta

      A fool”s bolt may sometimes hit the mark

    • maillot football

      I really enjoy the blog.Much thanks again. Great.